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Valuation Purposes

Our services can assist clients for a wide range of purposes including:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions / Joint Ventures
  • Financial Reporting
  • Asset-based Lending / Financing
  • Tax
  • Litigation

Mergers and Acquisitions / Joint Ventures

Key to any successful acquisitions and joint ventures is to know the current and future value of the business and its tangible and intangible assets. Our valuation studies and analysis assist the planning and decision, making processes. Our valuation reports are prepared according to international appraisal standards, which are recognized by foreign investors, governmental authorities, banks, auditors and stock exchanges all over the world.

AATL's independent studies can assist by providing:

» pre-acquisition due diligence and valuation
» valuation for allocating the purchase price for income tax and financial reporting purposes
» establishing an accurate fixed asset record

Financial Reporting

International recognized accounting practices require valuation reports to support the value of tangible and intangible assets for Impairment, Business Combination and Segment Reporting. During our years of operation, we have accumulated practical experience in conducting assets valuation and revaluation for accounting purposes.

Asset-based Lending / Financing

Business assets have a different value as collateral than when to justify an acquisition, allocate purchase price or establish insurance replacement cost. For lenders and borrowers, their interest is in the fair and accurate liquidation value of assets.

We understand the needs of commercial lending, anticipate all possible scenarios, and have experience in appraising both tangible and intangible assets for clients in virtually every industry. Our valuation report provides a fair and reliable support to asset-based lending.


AATL helps its client establish fair market values to support purchase/sale of assets between two related companies. Examination of transactions between related parties by the Revenue Department is made easier when a fair market value appraisal of the assets has been made by a reputable, third party, professional appraisal company at the date of transfer.


Litigation often results when a dispute over the value of a business, professional practice or a fractional ownership interest cannot be resolved through negotiation or arbitration. The following are the most common reasons that owners of a business and professional practice become involved in valuation related litigation concerning their ownership interests:

» Damages;
» Corporate and Partnership Dissolution; and
» Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

When a business owner is threatened with valuation-related litigation or is considering a valuation-related lawsuit, a qualified attorney and business appraiser should be retained in order (1) to assess the merits of the case; and (2) to provide a preliminary review of the valuation-related issues. Our valuation team is experienced in conducting valuation for corporate clients, and possesses professional knowledge and solid experience in working with professional parties, such as lawyers and accountants.